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What's Included

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Expert Instruction

40 hours of self-scheduled video lessons covering every test topic, delivered by Kaplan’s top teachers.


Practice Tests

4 exams with score analysis to identify areas for improvement and target your prep.

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The SAT Channel

Tune in for live interactive sessions on the topics you choose and instant one-on-one help with all your questions.

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Sample Questions

1,000+ sample questions–plus unlimited access to our full prep library.

Personalized Plan

Kaplan’s customized SAT study guide helps you target your areas for improvement and boost your score.

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Course Materials

2 of Kaplan’s acclaimed prep books to supplement your study and access to Kaplan’s state-of-the-art online QBank with 300+ questions accessible on our mobile app.

Expert Instruction

Watch Kaplan’s top teachers walk you through the strategies and concepts you need to tackle every topic on the SAT.

The SAT Channel

Catch it live or on your own schedule. The SAT Channel offers interactive sessions with Kaplan All-Star teachers, instant one-on-one help, and targeted learning that will help you focus on the topics you need most.

Learn more about the SAT Channel

Course Materials

Every student learns differently, so we’ll give you the full complement of prep materials to help boost your studies. You’ll receive a course book, a practice test book, and more than 1,000 practice questions for use on your laptop or mobile device.


Tackle the SAT like a pro

It’s not just about knowing what’s on the test; it’s about knowing how to take the test. Our video lessons will help you identify and excel at the question types most common on the exam, and they’ll share the proven strategies that will help you tackle the SAT like a pro.

Score-Raising Strategies

Kaplan’s proven strategies help you manage the exam effectively. You will gain confidence in knowing what to expect on the exam and knowing how to tackle questions quickly and accurately.

Time Management

The SAT is all about pacing. Our instructors will teach you how to stay ahead of the clock – without getting careless. On the SAT, there’s no penalty for wrong answers; you'll learn when to spend time on a question and when to guess and move on.

Focused Practice

The only way to improve is to practice. With guided study plans, thousands of practice questions and full-length simulated exams, you will be fully prepared to achieve your target score on test day.

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Supercharged prep with the SAT Channel

Get access to the SAT Channel with Live Online Essentials. This self-guided study plan includes all the features of SAT Self-Paced, plus hundreds of additional hours of live, interactive video instruction from our all-star teaching team.

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Unlimited Access

Live Online Essentials gets you into this unlimited library of learning episodes—for more total hours than any other test prep provider.

Flexible Hours

With Live Online Essentials, you’re already learning on your own schedule. The addition of SAT Channel gives you even more flexibility: our live programming is available on-demand, when you need it.

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The Prep You Need

You can browse the SAT Channel by topic, instructor, or difficulty level to easily find the exact episodes you need.


Meet the Prep Squad

We know that amazing teaching is about more than knowing the material. Our teachers are committed, captivating instructors who work with students to find their best path to success.

Get to know some of our instructors.

Only the best

Fewer than 1 out of 10 candidates qualify to teach for us, and every one of our teachers scored above the 90th percentile on the SAT. That makes Kaplan more selective than many top universities.

Our video lessons feature our TOP teaching talent, so you’re learning from our all-star teaching team, every day, in your own way.

Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell
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Heather Waite
Heather Waite
+ More
Nzinga Mack
Nzinga Mack
+ More
Arthur Ahn
Arthur Ahn
+ More
Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin
+ More
Stephanie Jolly
Stephanie Jolly
+ More
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell

Greg is a graduate of the University of Michigan. In his eight years at Kaplan, he has been helping students gain admission to their target schools—from local universities to the top of the Ivy League.

"I am a two-time, JV-league champ in wrestling."

"I have run one half-marathon and over 100 5K races."

"I have a lifelong love of standardized tests. I scored in the 93rd percentile or higher on every test I have attempted, including the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT."

Heather Waite
Heather Waite

Heather attended Indiana University, where she studied education. She loves to help students avoid those tempting wrong-answer choices on the SAT. When she's not teaching, she is spending time with her three children.

"I love memes. If I could speak in memes. I would. :)
I also love tacos ... who doesn't?"

"I often wear mismatched socks, because life is too short to spend it looking for the sock that disappeared in the dryer."

"I am a huge night owl, and I love iced coffee."

Nzinga Mack
Nzinga Mack

Nzinga's favorite sections of the exam to teach are Reading and Math. Students describe her teaching style as lively, engaging, and easy to follow. She graduated from Howard University with a BS in biology and is currently researching novel cancer therapies as she works towards her PhD in pharmacology at Florida A&M University.

"I love gardening! I've grown bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, habaneros, cantaloupe, watermelon, okra, mustard greens, collard greens, onions, and swiss chard—to name a few."

"As a kid, I learned how to read hieroglyphics."

"My hair is as long as I am tall! I've never cut it."

Arthur Ahn
Arthur Ahn

Arthur has taught for more than 11 years and is one of Kaplan’s elite SAT instructors. When he's not working with students, you can find him biking through the crowded streets of New York City.

"I can recite players' names from almost every Mets team of the past 30 years. The 1986 World Series was the first event I ever saw on television, so my loyalty runs deep."

"I won a school spelling bee in the fifth grade, and came in second in the seventh grade. I lost on the word 'plateau,' which I will never spell incorrectly again!"

Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin

Boris loves teaching complex problems and helping students overcome their Test Day fears. He brings his sense of humor to the classroom—as well as his love of strategy board games.

"In 1998, when I was in eighth grade, I tied for second place in the 54th annual Ohio Chess Congress and won $433.33."

"For three months, I worked full time writing captions for people with hearing loss."

"When you enter 'Typer Shark' into YouTube, the top video is mine. This is also true of 'Tradewinds 2' and 'Pathfinder Adventures'."

Stephanie Jolly
Stephanie Jolly

Stephanie is an alumna of NYU. She loves to help students identify patterns on the exams and break down reading passages using the same analytical approach. She has taught for Kaplan in Oman, Qatar, Australia, Mexico, and the U.S.

"There are only two scenarios that will get me to run voluntarily: being late for an appointment and fleeing from a bear—both of which I have done."

"I can identify countless species of wild flowers, fruits, and plants. My teenage dream was to be an ethnobotanist."

"I spent three months living in 'Tent Mahal'—the name I gave my tent during a summer hiking trip."


What to expect

Here’s a look at the topics covered over 40 hours of self-scheduled video lessons. Each session builds off the next, and the included practice tests are sure to help you feel calm and confident come test day.

Diagnostic Practice Test

The best way to get familiar with the test is to take a practice test. Have your practice test book, pencils, and a graphing or scientific calculator at hand as you follow along with our proctoring video, then use Kaplan's Mobile scoring tool to receive your score instantly. You can also opt to take an electronic version of the test online.

After submitting your answers, sign on to to receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and customized recommendations to help you personalize your online study plan.

Introduction to the SAT, the Kaplan Method for Math, Linear Equations, Systems of Equations

In this first series of video lessons, you'll be introduced to the course and encounter the first of the powerful Kaplan strategies: the Kaplan Method for Math. This proven technique will aid you in tackling any of the math questions you encounter on Test Day.

In addition, you'll be shown how to apply the Kaplan Method for Math to two topics in the Heart of Algebra category: linear equations and systems of equations. With this experience, you'll be empowered to practice the strategy on your own with some of the many practice problems that Kaplan provides in your course book and online.

Rates, Ratios, Proportions, Percentages, Two-way Tables, Statistics, Probability

The second series of video lessons in SAT Math will introduce you to an additional strategy for Test Day success, the Kaplan Method for Multi-Part Math. You'll use it to make the multi-part questions in both the Calculator and No Calculator math sections far more manageable.

On top of that, you'll have a chance to practice your Problem Solving and Data Analysis skills, learning how to use the Kaplan Methods on a number of different math problem types, from rates and ratios to statistics and probability.

Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials, Rational Expressions and Equations, Functions, Quadratic Equations

The Passport to Advanced Math category includes some of the most challenging problems on the SAT, but you'll learn to master answering these questions in this series of video lessons. Using the Kaplan Methods already introduced, you'll conquer questions from a wide variety of topics, ranging from exponents and radicals to functions and quadratic equations.

With practice and the Kaplan Methods, you'll find yourself able to answer math questions that you may have never thought you could.


The final video lesson in SAT Math will review the most important geometry that you need to know for Test Day. You'll use the Kaplan Methods to tackle questions on lines, angles, triangles and other geometry topics with skill and confidence.

After completing this lesson and continuing your practice, you'll be ready to handle any of the math that you'll encounter on Test Day.

The Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension, Reading Test Passage Types, Reading Test Question Types

In this extensive series of videos, you'll learn everything you need to know to dominate the SAT Reading Test. You'll start with the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension, the surefire strategy that will enable you to read passages critically, construct effective passage maps, and answer each passage's questions correctly and efficiently. You'll also learn what to expect with each of the passage types that appear on the test, from Literature to Science to History and Social Studies.

In subsequent videos, you'll be given in-depth advice and tips on tackling each of the various Reading question types: Synthesis, Global, Command of Evidence, Connections, Vocab-in-Context, Rhetoric, Detail, and Inference. After practicing with these focused techniques and the Kaplan Method, you're sure to feel confident about reading comprehension on Test Day.

The Kaplan Method for Writing & Language, the Kaplan Method for Infographics, Organization, Effective Language Use

These videos will introduce you to two key strategies for conquering the SAT Writing & Language Test: the Kaplan Method for Writing & Language and the Kaplan Method for Infographics. You'll practice applying these proven methods to questions that deal with the Expression of Ideas, including questions on Organization and Effective Language Use.

Sentence Structure, Conventions of Usage, Putting It All Together

This series of videos covers the remaining topics in Writing & Language, those concerning Standard English Conventions. You'll apply the Kaplan Methods you've already learned to questions on Sentence Structure and Conventions of Usage.

The final video of this series will bring everything together, reviewing all the Kaplan Methods you've learned for every section of the test and helping to build your confidence for Test Day. Be proud: College is waiting and you are well on your way. Good luck!

The Kaplan Method for the SAT Essay

This optional video covers the Kaplan Method for the SAT Essay, providing you with everything you need to know to plan, write, and revise a high-scoring essay. While the SAT Essay is optional, many colleges require it, so opting to take it can improve your chances of getting into a top school. With practice and the Kaplan Method, you'll be better equipped to succeed on Test Day and beyond.


Prep is not one-size-fits-all


Learn in a structured classroom setting taught by an expert, Kaplan-trained instructor.

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Our certified tutors can help you reach your score goals with one-on-one instruction and personalized support at home or online.

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