For students, there are two key orientations that your Account Manager will schedule for every new cohort entering the program: a New Student Orientation and an NCLEX® Strategy Seminar. We will coordinate with faculty and administrators to ensure an appropriate time frame within their class schedules. Every student is expected to attend in order to learn how to use their Kaplan resources, although recordings are made available for anyone unable to attend.

The first “New Student Orientation” is scheduled at the start of the program (or as a new cohort enters the program) with two goals in mind:

  1. To understand how to access, navigate, and become familiar with the various components of the program.
  2. To understand the relevance and importance of student resources, helping them become stronger test-takers and better learners.

A typical outline for the Student Orientation includes:

  • Introduction to Kaplan
  • How to be successful with Kaplan Resources
  • Examples of student success and how to achieve similar results
  • Accessing your resources
  • Ebook download instructions
  • Navigation of resources
  • Understanding tests & remediation
  • Active Learning vs. passive learning (Effective remediation)
  • Reading reports, understanding outcomes
  • NCLEX® resources and beyond
  • Tech support and questions

The second “NCLEX® Strategy Seminar” is given closer to graduation, when students are typically more focused on preparing for the NCLEX®. The goals of this orientation are:

  1. To provide structure and understanding around the makeup of the NCLEX®.
  2. To understand how to effectively prepare for test day.
  3. To review Kaplan’s resources as it pertains to the NCLEX®.

The seminar will highlight the live NCLEX® review that Kaplan provides and the steps to prepare. A typical outline for this orientation includes:

  • Introduction to Kaplan’s NCLEX® Review
  • Understanding the NCLEX® (Adaptive testing)
  • Sample questions
  • Kaplan’s Decision Tree and strategies for the NCLEX®
  • Kaplan’s resources for NCLEX® preparation

For Faculty, Kaplan’s Nurse Consultant will schedule an initial orientation to cover the details of Kaplan’s resources. The meeting typically includes:

  1. Hands-on training for all of Kaplan resources
  2. A deep dive into student resources
  3. Best practices for enhancing student learning
  4. Reporting capabilities
  5. How to recognize and maximize performance based on data
  6. Understanding how to read and use reporting to make critical decisions

Your nurse consultant will also address the very real dilemma of how to fit a testing program into your curriculum effectively without sacrificing teaching time or key activities in the process. Your faculty will learn best practices, such as how to score and award points to promote positive learning behavior from students. A typical outline for the initial training includes:

  1. Welcome to Kaplan & Introduction
  2. Key objectives
    1. Familiarity of resources (Student & Faculty)
    2. Begin to implement across the curriculum
  3. Review student resources and webpages
    1. Practical learning (i.e. Understanding eBooks, Student Success areas)
    2. Bringing resources into the classroom
    3. Examples of assignment opportunities (for the texts, for testing, simulation studies, and skills modules)
  4. Benchmarking & Remediation
    1. Data and analysis
    2. Trends and goal setting
  5. Administrator site
    1. Tracking cohort and student scores
    2. Remediation activity
    3. Item analysis following testing
  6. Wrap-up and discussion
  7. Schedule next meetings and discuss individual needs

As each school’s needs differ, the initial faculty training will be a precursor to the implementation process that will take place. Your Nurse Consultant will identify program goals and desired outcomes, help map out testing resources for each subject or discipline, and support designing homework and testing assignments based on known best practices to achieve these goals. As a partner in support of your program, you and your faculty control the ship, but our goal is to help provide guidance toward effective and positive outcomes utilizing Kaplan’s resources.

Your Nurse Consultant will continue to support your faculty throughout our partnership with training on new features (when added), new faculty onboarding, and curriculum needs. We will also monitor and provide understanding behind test reports and analysis. With Kaplan, you have an expert in data interpretation to help give meaning behind the numbers and create the change required to improve the health of your program.