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Faculty Workshops

Clinical Judgment on Next Generation NCLEX

Hear from one of our expert Nurse Consultants about what this shift towards clinical judgment means for you and your students.

NCSBN Clinical Judgment Task Model and the Kaplan Decision Tree

Discover the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Task Model for NGN, and how your students will demonstrate competent clinical judgment on test day.

i-Human Patients Virtual Simulation and Next Generation NCLEX

Cased-based learning will be an important part of NGN. Learn how virtual simulation can help through virtual client encounters.

Introduction to Next Generation NCLEX

Our VP of Nursing,  Dr. Susan Sanders, explains why NCSBN started the NGN project, and explores the types of questions being piloted through the NGN project.

Additional Resources

White Paper: Next Generation NCLEX and Virtual Simulation
One Pager: Clinical Judgment Task Model and the Kaplan Decision Tree


Nurse educators—schedule a consultation with us to discuss how Kaplan will effectively prepare your students for Next Generation NCLEX.

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