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Kaplan’s leading NCLEX® prep provides a premium experience, guiding students through practice, content and strategy while giving faculty efficient tests and tools to monitor their progress, see their remediation in action, and better ensure student success. Students will learn Kaplan’s acclaimed Decision Tree method and develop the clinical reasoning skills they’ll use on—and far beyond—test day.

Expertly Developed Content

From classes to Qbank practice, students will benefit from instruction by Kaplan’s team of nurse educators.

Classroom Instruction

18 hours of classroom instruction taught by an experienced nurse educator.


Over 2,100 NCLEX-style questions, including alternate question types, and enhanced explanations.

Diagnostic & Readiness Tests

Students can test their readiness along the way, identifying areas that need more practice.

Additional Practice

Including full length Question Trainer practice tests designed to build endurance.

Online Remediation Explanations

Students receive feedback complete with explanations to guide them to the right answers.

Live courses are only taught by qualified, Master’s educated registered nurses with both clinical and teaching experience.

Immersive, Multi-Media Resources

Our NCLEX® prep provides students with a variety of resources to increase their chances for success.


NCLEX-RN® Content Review Guide eBook

NCLEX® Channel

Live and recorded episodes covering high yield content and test taking concepts.

Video library

Over 300 essential nursing content videos, searchable by common nursing terms

Case Studies

Students learn from online case studies that apply questions and answers to real-life scenarios.

Realistic Practice

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“When it comes to passing the NCLEX-RN®, the way you take the exam is just as important as mastering the content,” said Dr. Susan Sanders, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, and Vice President at Kaplan Nursing. “Experiencing the actual CAT format is the best way to manage anxiety and optimize your critical thinking.”

CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)

Kaplan Nursing’s innovative Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) exams use the NCLEX-RN® algorithm to adapt to students’ performance based on their responses.

3 Full-Length Tests

Tests are designed to mimic the NCLEX-RN® and raise test-takers’ confidence.

Truly “Adaptive”

Unlike other practice tests that provide a set number of questions, our tests are truly adaptive, shutting down once a student clearly demonstrates competence.

All Question Types

Students gain experience with every question type.

Reason-Backed Explanations

Students see explanations for every question, along with the reasoning behind each right and wrong answer choice after they’re finished.

Measured Progress

Performance reports measure progress and help students move forward.

NCLEX-RN® Exam Format

Tests follow an algorithm to provide 75 - 265 questions, just like the actual NCLEX-RN®.

Actionable Reporting

Faculty has access to student and cohort progress and can easily identify those who need assistance to work towards better outcomes.

Monitor Progress

View student and cohort progress as they complete training modules, take practice tests, and utilize remediation tools.

View Remediation in Action

Quickly identify which students are applying remediation techniques, and how remediation is affecting their progress.

Detailed, Sortable Reports

Use shortcuts to common reports, or create your own criteria to view the stats that matter to you.

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