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It is truly “For Nurses. By Nurses.”

Kaplan Nursing offers a wide portfolio of products and services to support faculty and administrators at today’s nursing schools, with comprehensive solutions that span the nursing curriculum. Programs are complemented by a dedicated team of over 600 nurse educators and hundreds more learning science and support professionals who integrate the Kaplan program for students and faculty.  

With competitive pricing packages, Kaplan’s Institutional programs are both affordable and extensive. From Admissions Testing and Comprehensive NCLEX® prep to Full-Service Curriculum Integration and NGN-focused Virtual Clinical Simulation, partnering with Kaplan ensures that your students are better prepared to succeed in nursing school and pass the NCLEX®. Contact us to discuss the solutions that best fit your needs.

Don’t take our word for it, see what your peers have to say:

"We've used different programs in the past, and this is so easy. This is almost too good to be true. It's so easy for the students, it's so easy for the faculty, and everything is so accessible. We're very, very happy. We've had very good success with it."

- Lisa Maloy RN, MSN, CNS, Assistant Director of Nursing, Grossmont College of Nursing, El Cajon California

“We were below state and national average. We were already aware that Kaplan had such a good reputation…We decided to partner with Kaplan to see if we could improve our success rates…It was an easy switch…With the roll out of the Kaplan program, we just don’t have to worry about it…I highly recommend Kaplan. I really do. For our last testing cohort we were about ten points above the state and national for our pass rate. The combination of out student testimonials and their pass rates, it’s pretty convincing that Kaplan has been a benefit to us and would be to others.”

- Professor, Clemson School of Nursing

“Kaplan made the difference in terms of our ability to pass the NCLEX the first time. I do recommend Kaplan products to everyone because they work.”

- Instructor, Radford University School of Nursing

“I think Kaplan’s doing a tremendous job merging education with that kind of critical thinking that is going to take the nursing to the next level, which is that high acuity.”

- Professor, Radford University School of Nursing

“I think one of the best things about the remediation tools is the fact that they’re available to our students right after they complete an examination. So they’re able to look at the questions they got wrong and they’re able to think about why did they choose the answer that they chose.”

- Clinical Coordinator, Muskegon Campus, Baker College School of Nursing

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