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Test taking strategies, practice and review.

In addition to full-length practice tests, our test prep books include content reviews for each section of the test and offer some of our best test-taking strategies and tips.

NCLEX­-RN® Prep Plus 2018

The NCLEX-RN exam is not just about what you know—it's about how you think. Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Prep Plus 2018 uses expert critical thinking strategies and targeted sample questions to help you put your expertise into practice and ace the exam!

The NCLEX-RN exam tests how you'll apply the medical knowledge you've gained in real-life situations. In NCLEX-RN Prep Plus 2018, Kaplan's all-star nursing faculty teaches you 10 critical thinking pathways to help you break down what exam questions are asking. Eight chapters end with practice sets to help you put these critical thinking principles into action.

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Basics: A Comprehensive Outline of Nursing School Content

Provides a bulleted presentation of nursing school content following the system model. Normal pathophysiology is presented along with alterations in the systems as they pertain to nursing care.

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NCLEX-RN Drug Guide: 300 Medications You Need to Know for the Exam

Kaplan’s pocket-sized NCLEX-RN Drug Guide provides concise review of 300+ terms frequently tested on the NCLEX-RN, including drug family, nursing considerations, side effects, generic and brand names, and the purpose of each drug.

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NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide

Get comprehensive review of essential nursing content with Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide.

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