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Personal Statement Review

For students who want a fast, expert review of their personal statement. Expert review of and feedback on your personal statement within 72 hours and email support.

Mock Interview

For students who want realistic interview practice before the big day. Online mock interview with an admissions expert, practice traditional or MMI style interviews, interview planning guidance, online resources, feedback session with an expert.

Self-Paced Admissions Help

For students who want targeted guidance at their own pace. Application, personal statement, and interview planning guides, video and online resources on every step of the med school admissions process.

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Med School Admissions Bundle

For students who want the whole package. Get all three tools: self-paced med school admissions resources and planning guides, a rapid turnaround personal statement review, interview planning guidance, online resources, feedback session with an expert.

Write a Winning Personal Statement

Your medical school personal statement is your chance to stand out to admissions committees and put your pre-med experience in context. Get fast, personalized writing and revision help from our experts or a last-minute review before you send your application.

Interview With Confidence

Our consultants are trained to conduct mock MMI or traditional interviews, using realistic questions to help you be prepared and interview with confidence. Plus, receive additional resources for interview strategy and guidance. Mock interview prep is also available with our Premium Consulting options.

Application Planning and Strategy

Doing it yourself doesn't have to mean doing it alone. Our admissions consultants' best advice is available on-demand, 24/7. Get online resources that keep you on track, personal statement tips, and more.

Medical School Admissions Bundle

Save on a complete package of self-help tools, including 1-on-1 support with your personal statement and interview prep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Medical School Admissions Consulting right for me?

    Most applicants are going to be qualified for some range of schools. However, most people are on "the bubble" somewhere, meaning the next level of schools is just beyond their reach. Applicants applying to competitive programs, international applicants, weaker writers, or those who have complicating factors, weaker MCAT scores or GPAs that need to be addressed can all benefit from the guidance of a seasoned admissions professional.

  • How does the service work?

    One business day after you enroll in Medical School Admissions Consulting, you will receive a welcome email including a link to a survey. The survey inquires about your goals, target schools, and more to help us better understand your needs. We then use this information to match you with the right consultant. You will be paired with the consultant whose experience and expertise best matches your goals, target school, and level of competitiveness. Or, let us know who are your top three consultant choices and we'll be happy to match you with one of your preferred consultants.

    The service is delivered remotely with your consultant advising you via phone and email. The remote delivery allows Kaplan to provide the most convenient scheduling and to match you with exactly the right consultant regardless of geography.

  • What are the credentials of the consultants?

    Kaplan’s medical school admissions consultants are so effective because of their deep experience in the field. Most have served on admissions committees or as advisors—many at the top medical schools—and they bring really cogent insight into the admissions decision-making process. Most importantly, they understand that this process is about you presenting the best you possible. Our consultants know how essential it is to preserve and amplify your voice. They bring their expertise to bear to help you succeed.

  • Does my consultant do the work for me?

    No. Kaplan consultants work with you to enhance your original work. They’ll help you brainstorm, polish your work, and help you position yourself for the greatest effect. But don’t forget, medical school is a very personal choice—it’s important that the schools understand who you are as a person. And Kaplan medical school admission consultants can help you do that.

  • How should I best use the time with my consultant?

    Our consultants have "billable" hours for the services they provide. They have guidelines as to how much time to spend on any individual aspect of the service and will continuously update you on the amount of time you have remaining.

    If you don't use all of your purchased time, you can receive a refund for all whole unused hours at the rate of $100/hr. In addition, if you wish to add time, you can purchase additional hours at the rate of $249/hr. There are several different package options that drop the price-per-hour down to as little as $145/hour*. You may not purchase individual hours before purchasing one of our standard packages.

    *Certain restrictions and pricing applies to rushed enrollments. Call 1-800-KAP-TEST for details.

Our consultants

You've got this, our medical school admissions experts are here to help. Our consultants are experienced guides and mentors with a thorough knowledge of the medical school admissions process. They'll help you navigate your unique journey to medical school so you can apply and interview with confidence.

Claudia Mikail, M.D., M.P.H.
Claudia Mikail, M.D., M.P.H.
+ More
Heather Hoffmann, M.D.
Heather Hoffmann, M.D.
+ More
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
+ More
Maria Lofftus, J.D.
Maria Lofftus, J.D.
+ More
Thomas Luten
Thomas Luten
+ More
Raj Thakrar, M.D.
Raj Thakrar, M.D.
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Claudia Mikail, M.D., M.P.H.
Claudia Mikail, M.D., M.P.H.

Consulting with Kaplan since: 2005

Education: BA, Princeton; MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; MPH, Columbia University

Background: Private practice, Author of textbook; Instructor, UCLA Extension and USC Keck School of Medicine

At Kaplan, Claudia has enabled countless college students, nontraditional applicants, and repeat applicants to achieve admission to their top-choice schools. With experience as a Princeton Regional Alumni Interviewer, Claudia provides expert insights into the admissions process of highly selective programs, from what makes a powerful and polished personal statement to how to shine at your interview.

Heather Hoffmann, M.D.
Heather Hoffmann, M.D.

Consulting with Kaplan since: 2006

Education: MD from University of Louisville School of Medicine

Background: Former member of the Faculty-Student Liaison Committee, Interviewer for Medical School Admissions, Residency Program Director, University of Texas - Houston School of Medicine

Heather is a board-certified physician who interviewed for medical school admissions while she was a medical school professor. She has expertise developing a unique personal statement that clearly underscores the applicant's strengths for admission. She can provide feedback about what a physician reader will think about a personal statement. She teaches her clients the difference between writing for the personal statement and writing for the secondary essays. She has professional experience interviewing applicants for medical school and residency at the world's largest medical center. She has prepared applicants for many interview formats, including traditional, MMI, group, and panel.

Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor

Consulting with Kaplan since: 1998

Education: BS from University of Connecticut


Tom served as the chief admissions officer at several different medical schools including the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Hahnemann Medical College (now part of Drexel University), and the University of Iowa College of Medicine. He also served as Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions at the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Tom estimates that he has reviewed over 60,000 medical school applications and has read at least 200,000 letters of recommendation during his long career in admissions.

Maria Lofftus, J.D.
Maria Lofftus, J.D.

Education: BA from the University of California San Diego, JD from the University of San Diego

Background: Over 40 years of leadership experience in graduate education with the University of California, the Association of American Medical Colleges and Kaplan.

Maria has recently retired from a long and illustrious career in graduate education at the prestigious University of California, San Diego where she was both the Assistant Dean for Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid at the School of Medicine and the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Special Initiatives at the Rady School of Management. She is a recognized expert in the areas of medical school admissions, higher education assessment, evaluation and accreditation. She also served on the AAMC’s National Committee on Diversity and served as Chair of the National Committee on Admissions. While she enjoys working with all applicants, Maria says she has always found it most rewarding to work with the non-traditional student and reapplicant to achieve their goal of becoming a physician. As a life-long lover of writing, she also enjoys working with students to craft compelling personal statements and essays.

Thomas Luten
Thomas Luten

Mr. Luten has served as the Director of Student Affairs of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry where he coordinated recruitment activities, minority affairs, advising of all student organizations, financial aid, student residency and tutorial/retention services.

Educationally, Mr. Luten has completed all requirements, except the dissertation, for the PhD in Higher Education Administration from Michigan State University, and has achieved both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees from The Ohio State University. Most recently he is an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Admissions Committee of the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry. His passions are graduate and professional school advising, - dental, law, MBA and medicine - with a particular interest in the oral health profession, diversity programs in health career education and student success.

Raj Thakrar, M.D.
Raj Thakrar, M.D.

Consulting with Kaplan since: 2013

Education: B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, M.S. from Georgetown University

Background: Trustee to the University of Vermont, serving on the Educational Policies and Institutional Resources Committee

During his first year of medical school, Raj was elected to the Board of Trustees at the University of Vermont, a position that allowed him to work directly with the Administration at the College of Medicine. This only added to his knowledge of the application and student selection processes. He used his knowledge to successfully assist prospective applicants gain admission to medical schools. He accomplished this by understanding that medical schools determine candidacy based on the concept of an applicant being the right "fit."

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