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Leave Nothing to Chance

When you know what to expect on the day of the actual exam, you eliminate the element of surprise—and that will boost your confidence. With this Kaplan Exclusive, you can:

  • take a full practice exam at the same center where you’ll sit for the real GRE
  • know when to leave the house so you arrive 30 minutes before the test
  • learn what to bring (ID) and what to leave at home (phone, watch, notes)
  • go through check-in, security, and everything you'll encounter on Test Day

Be a GRE Test Day Expert

Simulating Test Day helps you:

  • get used to testing in a room filled with other test takers
  • become comfortable with the GRE computer interface
  • build a mental connection between the test and the testing environment
  • improve your mental stamina by testing for four hours under real conditions

After Test Day

After the test, you’ll get:

  • your score for the full practice GRE
  • a section-by-section breakdown of your performance
  • answers and explanations to the questions you missed
  • the assurance of knowing that you’re a step ahead of the game
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Simulate GRE Test Day

After enrolling, schedule your practice Test Day through your Kaplan account. Pick a date at the test center where you'll take the real exam.


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Simulate Test Day with Prep

The Official Test Day Experience comes with all of our comprehensive GRE courses—just pick the one that’s right for you.

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*The Official Test Day Experience is available at official Prometric testing centers worldwide.