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GRE Prep Course

Starting at $ 1299

Brand new course, now with more live GRE instruction than anyone else:

  • Unlimited access to The GRE Channel - a Kaplan exclusive. Get 35 hours of live, highly-interactive unique instruction on everything from the basics to advanced topics taught live and online by Kaplan’s highest rated faculty
  • The most live instruction available, covering all the content and skills on the GRE
  • Taking a simulated GRE at an actual testing facility—a Kaplan exclusive.
  • Dynamic, classroom sessions featuring comprehensive instruction by expert teachers
  • 5,000+ practice questions, including Qbank to create custom quizzes
  • 7 full-length computer-based practice tests
  • More than 180 hours of online instruction and practice
  • Convenient class times and locations
  • Free make-up sessions: live classroom sessions or self-paced
  • The following books: GRE Premier: Course Book Edition, GRE Math Workbook, GRE Verbal Workbook, and GRE Pocket Reference
  • An exclusive flashcard app for on-the-go study, available for iOS and Android™ devices*

GRE Prep PLUS Course

Starting at $ 1699

Get the full GRE Prep course and student materials, PLUS additional coaching and resources including:

  • 3 hours of one-on-one time, live online with a GRE expert (over $400 value): Personalized coaching, review and analysis of practice test results, assistance building a study plan, and guidance on the graduate school application process.
  • GRE Math Foundations - Self-Paced ($299 value): A collection of online videos and practice questions designed to build a strong foundation in the basic math skills essential for success on the GRE (on demand lessons & online workshops, and 400+ practice questions).
  • GRE Advanced Math - Self-Paced ($299 value): In-depth online course covering the most advanced math topics you’ll see on the GRE (Instructional videos that break down each topic to make the difficult math easy to understand, 200+ high-difficulty practice questions, and immediate feedback after practice quizzes and lessons).

The GRE Channel is a revolutionary new way to prep for GRE. We’ve designed the channel as a way to give each student unlimited access to Kaplan's top-rated GRE faculty for live, elective instruction five days a week. Review the fundamentals or take your skills to the next level with advanced sessions on the most difficult topics.

The most live GRE instruction available anywhere

Instead of sitting through hours of one-size-fits-all content review, you can pick the episodes you need to watch most. It’s the best way to gain the most GRE points in the least amount of time—and it’s only available at Kaplan.

All sessions are available in the archive for 24 hour/7 day on demand viewing.

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Attend as many sessions as you want.

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Enroll in any live instruction or any PLUS course and get access to The GRE Channel instantly.

Review the basics or tackle advanced topics

The GRE Channel episodes take you from foundational reviews of number properties and algebra to advanced strategies for conquering data interpretation and reading comprehension passages.

Learn or review important strategies for:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Vocabulary
  • Statistics
  • Text completion

Customize your prep

Find a concept challenging or confusing? Browse episodes by topic and difficulty.

Love a certain teacher? Browse by teachers and pick the ones that help you the most. All of the instructors on The GRE Channel are among our highest rated faculty.

Plus, during all of our live broadcasts, you get the opportunity to engage with other students watching in real time!

Here are some of the episodes you’ll find on The GRE Channel

With 15-20 hours of live programming each week, you get the most live instruction available for the GRE. Plus, all episodes are archived so you can watch them on demand, 24/7.

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Data, Frequency, and Probability Distributions

These topics are frequently tested, especially in high-difficulty Quantitative sections. If you are aiming for a high score, this session is a must.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is useful both on the GRE and in graduate school. We'll show you strategies for building a solid vocabulary for success on the GRE and beyond.

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Coordinate Geometry

You may not have seen coordinate geometry since high school. If so, this session is for you.


Reading Comprehension: Reasoning Questions

Some GRE Reading Comprehension questions will ask you to dissect an argument or evaluate a pair of contradictory statements. Join us for practice on these Reasoning questions.

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Learn to take advantage of the options that the answer choices give you in approaching certain Problem Solving questions.


Meet the GRE Channel team

Enroll in any live instruction or Self-Paced PLUS course and you can start watching tonight.

Only the best

We know that amazing teaching is about more than knowing the material. Our teachers are committed, captivating instructors who will work with you to find your best path to Test Day success.

Kaplan teachers aren’t just GRE experts, they’re trained to show you how you can own Test Day, too.

Gene Suhir
Gene Suhir
+ More
Stuart Kovinsky
Stuart Kovinsky
+ More
Stephen Snyder
Stephen Snyder
+ More
Jen Fletcher
Jen Fletcher
+ More
Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin
+ More
Pamela Reinders
Pamela Reinders
+ More
Gene Suhir
Gene Suhir

Gene has repeatedly been awarded "Teacher of the Year" for his exceptional guidance of thousands of students. Gene graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual-degree in Political Science and Communications, and uses his unique broadcasting background to enliven his classes.

I like to travel, play the electric guitar, perform magic, and spend time with my family (especially my 4-year-old daughter). Oh, and I'm fluent in Russian.

Stuart Kovinsky
Stuart Kovinsky

Stuart joined Kaplan in 1989 after receiving a perfect score on the GRE. After a five year hiatus as a commercial litigator, Stuart returned to his passion of teaching the GRE, GMAT and LSAT at Kaplan full time.

When I'm not in the classroom, I can often be found playing ultimate frisbee, which I started to play back in 1991 during law school in Vancouver, before it was cool.

Stephen Snyder
Stephen Snyder

Steve Snyder joined Kaplan in 2005, and has coached over 10,000 Kaplan students to success on the GRE. He is an Elite instructor - a title awarded only to Kaplan's most effective teachers. Steve earned his BA from Elon University.

I'm currently working on a Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction at Brooklyn College, and I used to be in a touring synth-rock band called Karmella's Game, which you can listen to on Spotify!

Jen Fletcher
Jen Fletcher

Jennifer Fletcher joined Kaplan in 2000, and is the resident GRE guru, having taught nearly 20,000 students! She loves helping hard-working and motivated students reach their goals.  Jen broadcasts her live online classes from Richmond, Virginia.

I have two Golden Retrievers, Leo and Jack Pup, as well as a 19 year old cat.

Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin

After getting dual degrees in English and computer science from Case Western, Boris has been helping students achieve their dreams with Kaplan since 2008. Boris has won two Teacher of the Year awards and trained and mentored new and existing teachers.

I love computer games and strategy board games and run a small gaming channel on YouTube as a hobby.

Pamela Reinders
Pamela Reinders

Pamela has taught more than 5,000 Kaplan students and has been teaching the GRE for 10 years. A specialist in advanced quant and study strategies, she loves to teach students who need help with time management and test taking skills.

I studied biology in college and am interested in anything STEM. I love traveling, photography, cooking, funny podcasts, and comic book movies.

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