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Connect in a classroom

Most Kaplan teachers start in onsite classrooms, but we also offer opportunities to teach online. We have classes across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, so look for teaching jobs open near you.

Use tech to your advantage

Some teachers qualify for a selective career immersion program, where they relocate to our contact center in Florida. There they network, develop goals, and take next steps in their careers.

Focus your career growth

Find opportunities to teach in Kaplan’s live online classes and channels. You can also assist other teachers behind the scenes or tutor students in 1-on-1 sessions.

As a Kaplan teacher, you’ll enjoy:


Classes tend to be on evenings and weekends, fitting easily into your life.

Online training

You'll do your training online alongside colleagues across the country.

Great benefits

Enjoy commuter benefits, 401k matching, and free or discounted classes.


Find new opportunities. Many of Kaplan’s leaders started their careers as faculty.

To teach the MCAT®, NCLEX®, or Medical exams

Some of our health and medical exams have specific requirements. Learn what you need for the test you want to teach.